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Tactical Training, Firea‚Äčrms & Equipment

See you on the Firing Line


Highland Tactical Handgun Course List 2021

  1. Listed below are the Handgun Courses offered for 2021. Courses range from the Fundamentals of Handgun shooting to Advanced Tactics and Techniques. All Highland Instructors are N.R.A. Certified in Multiple Disciplines, former Military or Law Enforcement personnel and N.C. Department of Justice Certified for the Concealed Carry Certification Course.


N.C. Concealed Carry Certification                 8 Hours             50.00

N.C. Justice Academy Certification class for the Concealed Carry Program. Course is 8 hours in length, Written Exam and Handgun Qualification course. Eye and Ear Protection, 50 rds of Ammo required. Handguns are available for the Qualification course.


Advanced Concealed Carry 2.0                        4 Hours             40.00

Highland Tactical's in house Concealed Carry Program. Hands on, practical, real world based course for Carrying a Concealed Weapon. Topics such as Drawing from Concealment, Carry Techniques, Engaging Multiple targets, Tactical Reloads and Weapon Retention:      Handgun, Carry Holster, Spare Magazine or Speed Loaders, Eye and Ear Protection and 200 rds Required. MUST HAVE N.C. Concealed Certification to Register.

N.R.A. First Steps                                               4 Hours              25.00

N.R.A. Certified Course for Revolver/Pistol. Handgun model Specific Entry level program geared toward the Novice or first time Handgun Owner. Firearm Safety, Handling and Storage, Nomenclature of the Handgun, Ammunition selection, Loading and Unloading and Marksmanship Fundamentals are covered. Handgun, Holster, Eye and Ear protection and 50 rds required. NRA Certificate issued upon completion.

N.R.A. Basic Handgun                                        8 Hours              50.00

N.R.A. Certified Course. Intermediate Level :Introduces clients to all types of Handguns. Single Action and Double Action Revolvers, Single, Double and DAO action Semi Automatics are covered. Firearm Safety, Handling and Storage, Nomenclature, Ammunition Selection, Loading and Unloading, Marksmanship Fundamentals, Handgun Selection and Practical Application of the Handgun are covered. Handgun, Holster, Eye and Ear Protection and 50 rds required. NRA Certificate issued upon completion.

Highland Tactical Defensive Handgun            8 Hours               40.00

Highland Tactical Advanced Level course. Handgun selection, Ammunition selection, Carry methods and Equipment, Marksmanship, Point Shooting, Tactical Reloads, Engaging Multiple Targets, Weapon Retention, Close Quarter Combat, Body Rock technique, Utilizing Cover, Handgun Defense for Vehicles covered. Handgun, Holster, Spare Magazines or Speed Loaders, Eye and Ear Protection, 200 rds required:  Advanced Concealed Carry or NRA Basic Handgun required to Register.

Handgun for Home Defense                            4 Hours               25.00

Highland Tactical Advanced Level course dealing with all aspects of utilizing the Handgun for Home Defense. Handgun Selection, Ammunition selection, Storage, Safety and Equipment for the Home Defense Handgun, Marksmanship, Utilizing cover in the home, Firing lanes inside the home, over penetration concerns and maximizing accuracy are covered. Handgun, Eye and ear protection, 100 rds required:  N.C. Concealed Carry Certification or NRA Basic Pistol required to register.

Highland Handgun:  Low Limited Light        4 Hours                 25.00

Highland Tactical advanced level course dealing with the application of the Handgun in limited light situations. Limited light optics/sights, external light sources, ambient light sources, utilizing cover, Home and Vehicle defensive concepts. Handgun, Holster, Eye and Ear protection, 50 rds required. External light source and Vehicle Strobe light source course of fire:  Advanced Concealed Carry or Defensive Handgun required to register.

Highland Tactical Handgun Academy

Highland Tactical Handgun Academy guides the client from Novice through advanced courses and techniques. NRA First Steps, NRA Basic Handgun, N.C. Concealed Carry Certification, Defensive Handgun and Handgun Service and Maintenance are included for the discounted price of 150.00. This provides the client a savings of 100.00 by grouping 5 Handgun classes into the Academy Course. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the Academy Core as well as the Academy Handgun Championship Match at the end of the Season, winner of the competition keeps the Highland Cup through 2021. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the Academy.

Father's Day 2 Gun Challenge

New for 2021, Mountaineer Firearms is offering the Father's Day 2 Gun Challenge on Saturday June 20th.  This competition allows the Father to compete with their Child in Handgun Competition. 6 Stages of Fire add a Tactical Variety to this challenge. Each Father/Child Team will run each stage. One Participant will use a Standard Size Combat handgun, while their Partner will run the same stage with a Compact/Concealed size Handgun.  Participants must switch Handguns after each stage. Scores will be maintained for Accuracy and Speed and the Two scores will be combined for the stage total. Child Participants must be a minimum of 16 years of age. Cost for this Competition is 40.00 per team.

ZOMBIELAND Handgun Challenge

5 Stage Zombie themed Handgun Competition utilizing Time plus Accuracy Scoring. Zombieland Trophy for winning shooter in both Revolver and Semi-Automatic divisions. Challenge will be posted on the 2021 Calendar so stay tuned. Entry Fee:    25.00