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Tactical Training, Firea‚Äčrms & Equipment


Continuing for 2021

Mountaineer Firearms is happy to offer our new program for Private Instruction.  Clients are permitted to Reserve an Instructor for an hourly rate outside of our standard classes.  The Hourly Instructor will oversee the Course utilized by our clients and will maintain and replace Targets as needed.  Disciplines available are Handgun,  Rifle,  Shotgun,  and Crossbow/Archery.   Handgun courses range from Standard Marksmanship through Dueling Trees and the Surviving the Saviors Movement Course.   For Rifles, choices range from 50 and 100 yard Optic Zero's through the Close Quarter Combat Course.  Shotgun training can evolve from the Defensive Shotgun movement course through the Skeet Range.  Crossbow Training is available with distances of 0 to 50yds.  Instructor Rates are 25.00 per hour for Individuals or groups of 5 or less. Two Instructors are needed for groups of 6 or more.

Handgun Training

Various Distances, Target Layouts and Scenarios always provides a great Real World Challenge for our clients.

Rifle Training

Distances of out to 500 yards, shooting Benches, Prone Dugouts, and a varying Combat Course provide excellent training scenarios for our Rifle clients.


From Home Defense Scenarios at Close Range to the Challenging Skeet course, there is no shortage of great Shotgun Training available.


Hand to Hand training ranging from Boxing to Kenpo and Akido.  Each section geared toward Practical Street applications allowing our clients to learn a large variety of techniques in a short amount of time.  Starting in Late April additional Training will be available with the addition of the Iron Warrior Gym located next to the Mountaineer Retail Shop.