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Tactical Training, Firea​rms & Equipment

Tactical Training, Firearms and Equipment


North Carolina Hunter Education

Mountaineer Firearms is now offering the N.C. Hunter Education Course. Designed for the younger sportsman, this program covers the aspects of Safety and Sportsmanship for the youth or Adult Hunter.  This class will be offered twice in August 2021 to coincide with the Fall 2021 Hunting Seasons. There is no charge for this Program.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Equipment

Highland Tactical"s Non-Lethal Self Defense Equipment course is a seminar/Hands on practical application course covering various Non-Lethal Defensive tools available to the general public.  Centered around three basic defensive concepts:

1) Chemical Protection :  Mace and OC Pepper Spray

2) Electrical:  Tasers, Stun batons and Stun Guns

3) Impact:  Asp Batons, Short batons, PR-24, SAP gloves

Designed to provide citizens with a defensive option for protection when all other means are legally impossible .  

Surviving the Street: Mindset and Techniques

Highland Tactical is offering the Surviving the street series for 2021. Seminar/Hands on training will provide each client with the fundamental basics on how to maintain a Operational Awareness mindset in the real world environment with a hands on instruction involving multiple scenarios.