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Tactical Training, Firea‚Äčrms & Equipment

Tactical Training, Firearms and Equipment


The Prepper's Edge

Back for 2021, The Prepper's Edge provides our clients the Equipment and Techniques to not on survive but thrive in Off the Grid situations.  

In a World experiencing drastic Social Change the ability to survive when the comforts of Society fail have never been more valuable.

Look forward to seeing familiar faces and a great crop of New Blood as we dive back in to the World of Preparing for the Worst and giving our clients, 

The Prepper's Edge !!!!!

Prepping Equipment

We are Proud to offer proven Equipment ranging from Plasma Beam Fire Starters through the Fenres Gas Mask System for our clients and the demands of their enviroment.

Prepping 101:  Building the Bug Out Bag

The Bug Out Bag or the 72 Hour Survival Pack is the first step in any every clients Prepping Arsenal.  A strong, durable pack, with a metal internal frame, provides plenty of cargo space to accommodate Clothing, Beding, Food, Medical and Survival Supplies to enable the Prepper to survive that first Crucial 72 Hour Time-Frame. 

Prepping 102:  Selecting Your Group

No where is the old saying a " Man alone is Easy Prey", than in a real world disaster scenario. Strength in numbers is a good rule of thumb. During the Selection Phase, be as diverse as possible, Medical, Farming, Construction Trades are equally important as Combat skills.